AFV Club
7.5cm Pak40
Pressed Brass Shield set

Kit No. AG 35012
First Look Review by Terry Ashley

This set consists of the pressed brass gun shields from the Pak40 kit AF 35071 and brass shield bolts from set AF 35073 to use as an update set for any other Pak40 kit or on the Marder II.

Not much else to be said as all you need do is fit the two shield halves together with the bolt studs and fit to whatever kit you wish to detail.


Brass parts
AFV ClubAFV Club
AFV Club

Pz.J├Ąger Marder III H & Pak 40 - Sd.Kfz. 138
Nuts & Bolts Vol. 18

Thanks to AFV Club for the review kit.

Page Created 10 August 2004

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