Archer Fine Transfers
Soviet T-34-76 turret markings
1:16th #AR16004 and #AR16005
Reviews by Terry Ashley

Archer Fine Transfers have released two decal sheets for the big 1/16th Trumpeter T-34-76 kits with each sheet having markings for one Mod.1942 and one Mod.1943.

The printing is excellent as we have come to expect from Archer’s with the colour register on sheet 16005 being spot on.

The markings are just the turret numbers and slogans with a couple of stars but this is basically all the markings these vehicles carried at the time.

There shouldn’t be any problems applying the markings due to the large flat sided turrets and the grab railings on the Mod.1943 don’t interfere with the markings so you can decide if you apply the markings before or after attaching the railings.

Some nice alterative markings for the big Trumpeter kits.


Sheet No.AR16004 Sheet No.AR16004
Archer Fine Transfers Archer Fine Transfers
Note, turret profiles are for decal placement only and you should
check references for the vehicle you are building.
Sheet No.AR16004
Archer Fine Transfers Archer Fine Transfers
Sheet No.AR16005
Archer Fine Transfers Archer Fine Transfers

See the Archer Fine Transfers web site for full details

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