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German Railgun markings
German Railcar markings
Reviews by Terry Ashley

Archer Fine Transfers have updated and re-released their sheets for the K5 (E) Railgun and flatcars to correct the spelling errors in their earlier sheets and also those in both the Dragon and Trumpeter K5 decal sheets.

The spelling errors are only minor and confined to the smaller stenciling (text size about 1mm in 1/35th) so may not be an issue for some but it's good to get it right.

The main omission on the kit sheets is the absence of the "Umlaut" on the relevant ä and ü in the stenciling plus some actual spelling and grammatical errors.

The main errors on the two kit sheets are:

The Archers sheets have the correct spelling for all of these as well as being rub-on type decals so you don't have to worry about glossing the model before applying the kit decals. This alone is good enough reason for getting the Archer's sheets let alone the correct spelling.

Sheet AR35088 has markings for one K5 Rail Gun and stenciling for the two K5 Rail Cars while set AR35087 has a far more comprehensive set of Rail Car stenciling applicable to other flatbed rail cars.

Highly recommended.

Sheet No.AR35088
Archer Fine Transfers
Sheet No.AR35087
Archer Fine Transfers

See the Archers web site for full details.
A special thanks to Carsten Gurk of for his assistance in translating and identifying the errors on the kit decals.

Page Created 1 October 2003

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