Archer Fine Transfers
M2/M3 Halftrack
instruments & placards

Review by Terry Ashley

This small sheet from Archer Fine Transfers provides a set of instrument dials and placards for the recent Dragon M2A1 Half-Track (kit #6329) and the Cyberhobby M4 81mm Mortar Halftrack (kit #6361)

The set consists of a small sheet with the dry transfer instrument gauges and placards, in fact you get four of each to allow the sheet to be used on four models making this set good value for money.

The quality of Archer Fine Transfers sheets is well known and these are no exception with clear clean printing even on the smallest lettering with the colour register on the gauges spot on without any distortion.

You can apply the gauges directly to the kit instrument panel using the normal burnishing application method or there is also a sheet of clear water slide decal paper provided allowing you to apply the gauges to this and then use the decals as conventional water slide decals for a little more control, the choice is yours.

To aid in the application is an illustration of the instrument panel with the location of each decal clearly marked with markings for the fire extinguisher and equipment boxes as well as the main instrument panel.

This simple set takes the pain out of painting those instrument gauges and data placards on your half-track kit and getting four sets makes this set very good value for money. The alternate application method provided also caters for the preferences for most modellers for easy application.

Highly recommended 8/10

Archer Fine Transfers

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Thanks to Woody Vondracek of Archers Fine Transfers for the review sets

Page created June 27, 2007