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Archer Fine Transfers have released two new sheets of dry transfer markings, sheet AR35231 M2 Halftrack and Sheet AR35232 M2A1 Halftrack with both designed for the recent Dragon M2A1 Half-Track (kit #6329) .

Sheet AR35231 has markings for one vehicle, an M2 Halftrack of 2nd Armored Division, 41st Armored Infantry, Operation Cobra, July 1944 and Sheet AR35232 also with one vehicle, an M2A1 Halftrack of 10th Armored Division, 61st Armored Infantry, Germany, Spring 1945 with research done by Pat Stansell of MMIR fame.

Each sheet has the Allied stars, vehicle registration numbers and unit markings applicable to the featured vehicle including additional stenciling on sheet AR35231.

The quality of Archer Fine Transfers sheets is well known and these are no exception with clear clean printing even on the smallest lettering with the appropriate yellow markings for the 2nd Armored Division vehicle.

The trick to getting a perfect result when applying dry transfers is to ensure the model surface is perfectly clean as any finger oils or dust can effect the way the transfers come off the backing sheet and adhere to the model surface.

Application is very simply by positioning the sheet over the model for open flat surfaces or cutting out the marking from the sheet to position for more hard to get at places and then lightly burnish the marking with a suitable tool from an empty ball point pen to purpose burnishing tool from an arts shop.

I found the transfers came away from the backing sheet very easily and adhered well to the model surface with the backing paper laid over the marking once applied to press the transfer firmly in place.

If you want to apply the tranfers in the conventional water slide manner you just need to apply the transfers to clear decal sheet and then apply as with normal water slide decals but this really defeats the advantages of dry transfer decals.

While each sheet covers just one vehicle the big advantage of dry transfers is you don't need to gloss the model as you do for conventional wet slide decals which not only saves on time but eliminates any chance of silvering that can be an issue with water slide decals.

Well printed and easy to use, these sheets will appeal to all Allied models for a different finish to the Dragon kit.

Highly recommended 8/10

Sheet No.AR35231
Archer Fine Transfers
Sheet No.AR35232
Archer Fine Transfers

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Thanks to Woody Vondracek of Archers Fine Transfers for the review sets

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