54cm Mörser "Loki"
Turned metal barrel with rifling

1/35 set No. Armo 35771
Review by Terry Ashley

Armo Armo
Following on from their metal barrel for the Dragon 60cm KARL, ARMO have now released a metal barrel for the Dragon 54cm "Loki".
Consisting of two large metal pieces as with the 60cm barrel the quality of the machining is again excellent with a blemish free surface. The barrel also has well defined rifling to a depth of 55mm which is very clean without any excess metal to clean up and the depth of the rifling gives a good visual effect.


The outer collar is the same as for the 60cm barrel and you fit the Dragon collar bracket (part B14) into the end of the metal collar between the barrel the same as with the plastic kit parts. The tolerances between the metal barrel and collar is excellent and they fit together precisely with no lateral movement, but some adjustments were needed on part B14 for this to fit the metal parts.

Firstly the inside diameter of the collar had to be increased slightly, shave off a small amount and test fit on the metal barrel to get the right amount. The outside of the inner collar also had to be reduced slightly and again shave off a small amount and test fit inside the metal collar. Lastly the inner depth of the plastic collar had to be reduced by half, this was done with a fine razor saw and after these adjustments all the parts fitted together as intended.


As with the 60cm barrel the metal parts will greatly improve the look of the kit and you don’t have the seams to worry about with the rifling adding greatly to the overall effect. There is a bit work needed to fit the parts as above but the end result is worth the effort.


The metal and plastic collar parts fitted together

Page created 18 October 2003

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