150mm sFH18

armorscale Set No. A35-017
1:35th Scale

Review by Terry Ashley

This release from armorscale of a brass 150mm ammo set comes at the same time as the two kits of the German sFH 18 Howitzer from Dragon (kit #6392) and Trumpeter (kit #02304) with the set having 9 empty cartridge cases and 6 brass 150mm shells of two different types.

The shells are the standard high-explosive (HE) Spgr.Patr.36 shell and the slightly shorter High-explosive anti-tank Gr.Patr.39 HI/A round with each having cleanly machined details with just a small bur to be sanded from the tip of the larger HE shells and the cartridge cases hollowed out to half their depth for a good representation of the casings.

Metal parts

The small instruction sheet gives the different colours for the main shell casing, the fuse tip and firing bands while the brass cartridge cases probably only need weathering as the metal brass colour is close to what is needed.

The actual shells also carry small stencilling and while none is provided you could probably hand paint these to simulate the stencilling unless we get a set from someone like Archers to add the final touches.

Close up of the two types of HE shell and cartridge case
This is a simply set of nicely machined brass shells and cartridge cases for either of the sFH18 kits that will add a nice finishing touch and help populate a firing position diorama.

Highly recommended. 8/10
Thanks to me Credit Card and Lucky Model for the review set.

Page created November 22, 2007