75mm KwK 40 L/43
Gun Barrel for German Tank Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.F2

Armorscale Set No. B35-014
1:35th Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

Continuing the German replacement barrels, armorscale have released this set for the Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.F2 or “Mark IV Special” as often referred to when first introduced in Africa and characterised by the circular single baffle muzzle brake.

The set consists of the single aluminium barrel with rifling inside the muzzle and outer threading to take the muzzle brake plus a three part brass muzzle brake, five etched parts and a very delicate brass co-ax machine gun barrel tip.

Resin and metal barrel parts

Cast in the usual light grey resin the single part mantlet/recoil housing/barrel collar has the usual casting block to be removed and includes superb details. These include fine weld seams around the recoil housing and on the mantlet and collar joins as well as nicely rendered bolts on the front of the recoil housing and cooling holes on the co-ax MG cover. Additional finer details are three sets of two flush screws around the barrel collar and three small rivets at the rear of the collar; these are details not usually seen on equivalent kit parts and help make this resin part a standout.

Resin mantlet/recoil housing/barrel collar with turned MG barrel fitted

Assembling the muzzle brake was very easy with all parts fitting without any trimming needed and again the threaded muzzle brake makes fitting a breeze. There is a fine join seam between the front and rear muzzle brake halves that would be best filled with solder and filed smooth but could also be filled with thick cyanoacrylate and sanded smooth once cured depending on your preference.

Assembled muzzle brake

The finely machined co-ax MG barrel is also excellent with the muzzle hollowed out and this fits very snugly inside the barrel jacket included on the mantlet and the fit of the metal barrel into the mantlet collar is also very snug and again will hold in place without glue if you wish, such is the excellent fit of the parts.  

To fit the new resin mantlet to either of the applicable Dragon or Italeri kits only needs some minor alterations to the kit mountings and will be easy to fit with the instructions showing what is required.

Assembled barrel/gun

Armorscale continue to release superb replacement barrels with this one no exception and the inclusion of the superbly detailed resin part only adding to the experience.

We can probable assume later Panzer IV barrels will be released using the excellent resin mantlet/recoil housing/barrel collar part as a basis for these sets.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to my credit card and the excellent service from Rainbow Ten for the review set.

Page created November 20, 2005

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