7.62mm MG34 Barrel
armorscale Set No. B35-030
1:35th Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

The set:

This set from armorscale provides a two part replacement barrel in turned brass for the MG34 which can be fitted to any available weapon in plastic or resin.

The two brass parts are cleanly machined and consist of the muzzle section with inner barrel and the outer cooling jacket with cleanly drilled cooling holes with just a small burr to be filed off the end of each part and it’s ready to assemble.

Metal barrel parts

The two parts fit neatly together but the inner barrel section doesn’t extend all the way inside the cooling jacket and at certain angles you can see straight through the jacket. You may wish to add a short section of plastic rod the same diameter as the barrel to fill this section to eliminate this.

Assembled barrel

Fitting the barrel to any available MG34 is the same where you cut off the plastic (or resin) barrel, drill a small 0.9mm hole in the MG body and insert the brass barrel, all very easy.

The barrel was fitted to the MG34 from the latest Dragon Gen2 figure sets which has very nice details but to complete the barrel you will have to carefully cut off the fine details from the donor barrel and attach these to the armorscale barrel which will require a bit of care and a sharp blade.

Assembled armorscale barrel on Dragon MG34 from Gen2 figure sets
note the finer details removed from donor gun and added to metal barrel.



This set provides a nicely machined and detailed MG34 barrel that can be easily fitted to any available weapon without too much effort to add that extra level of detail but it lacks some of the smaller details of the original barrel.

One issue being that the barrel section doesn’t fully fill the cooling jacket and there is a bit of work required to add back the finer barrel details to complete the job.

This barrel is similar in design to that from Schatton Modellbau which requires the same assembly and adding back of the finer barrel detail with the inner barrel section completely filling the cooling jacket.

See a comparison review of the three available MG34 7.92mm barrel sets.

Thanks to Robert from armorscale for the review set.

Page created March 4, 2006