Tiger I Engine Deck Screens
armorscale Set No. P35-003
1:35th Scale
Review by Terry Ashley

This is another simple update set from Armorscale which provides etched engine deck screens for the Tamiya Tiger I kits plus a small instruction sheet.

The etching is excellent with a susbtle weave effect evident on the screens that should come up well with careful painting.

Etched screens

The fit of the screens to the Tamiya kits is spot on without any adjustments required other than to slightly bend down the sides of the larger screen frames to fit the deck contours, an easy task with any one of the available etched metal bending tools currenty available.

A nicely etched set of engine deck screens to add considerable detail to the Tamiya Tiger I kits.
And no they do not fit the new AFV Club or Dragon Tiger I kits.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to armorscale for the review set.

Page created 4 June 2005

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