ATAK Model
Tiger I Late Production Zimmerit
ATAK 1:35 set #35032
Review by Terry Ashley

The Set:

DragonThis resin Zimmerit set from ATAK Model is designed for the Dragon Tiger I Late Production (kit #6253). The set contains a single sheet of very thin resin zimmerit with fifteen sections for various parts of the hull and turret with cut-outs to fit around the raised details such as the fender bolts lugs on the hull side, the rear exhausts and visor ports and escape hatch on the turret parts.

There are also six parts cleanly cast in light grey resin with two mantlets plus two escape hatches and visor ports for the turret. The quality of the resin is very good with just the usual casting blocks to be removed and no other blemishes present.

There are two alternate styles of zimmerit provide for the turret, one with a fine pattern and the other slightly wider and this provides a nice choice as the mix of zimmerit patterns is often seen in photos. Two alternate escape hatches are also provided with the two different patterns to use as required and to fit the vision ports with zimmerit you firstly need to cut off the kit ports with this being the only alterations required on the Dragon kit to accept the zimmerit parts

The two mantlets provide one late type with binocular sight aperture and the last type with monocular sight aperture both with the same style fine zimmerit applied and these mantlets simply replace the kit items.

After removing the zimmerit sections from the thin backing film (the instructions give tips on the best way to remove these and if followed the sections come away from the backing film very easily) it was an easy matter to apply to the model.

Test fitting of the sections showed an almost perfect fit all around with only a couple of areas where some very minor trimming may be required, this was around the many raised details on the rear plate and the hinge cut-outs on the glacis section. The large parts for the hull and turret were a perfect fit which will make assembly very easy.

As the sheets are very thin when removed from their backing film you should handle them with care but I didn’t have any problems during cleanup or during test fitting when handling with due care.

The instructions give tips on the best method of gluing the zimmerit to the kit parts and again following these will reduce any problems.


A nicely cast and detailed zimmerit set that requires minimal cleanup and simple application to make adding this essential detail to the Dragon Tiger I Late kit very easy.

Due to the thin resin it is very easy to add battle damage with a sharp blade for a bit of variety for you Tiger.

Highly recommended

Resin parts:

ATAK Model
ATAK Model
Alternate zimmerit patterns for the turret and escape hatch
ATAK Model

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