ATAK Model
Sd.Kfz.173 Jagdpanther
Early Version Zimmerit

ATAK 1:35 set #35043
Review by Terry Ashley

The Set:

DragonThe Dragon kit of the Jagdpanther Sd.Kfz.173 Ausf.G1 Early Production (kit #6458) is nicely done but requires Zimmerit to be fully accurate and now ATAK Model have released this set of thin resin Zimmerit designed specifically for the Dragon kit.

The set contains a single large sheet of very thin resin Zimmerit with 19 segments for the various parts of the hull and superstructure with cut-outs to fit around the raised details as well as the tool and equipment locations on the superstructure sides, the rear of the superstructure and rear hull exhausts and ports.

There are also six parts cleanly cast in light gray resin with two rear storage boxes and complete rear hull plate plus the machine gun ball mounting all with the Zimmerit pattern included. The quality of the resin is very good with just the usual casting blocks and some fine resin film to be removed with no other blemishes present.

The Zimmerit depicts the square pattern seen on early Jagdpanthers with the segment shapes closely matching those on the preserved early Jagdpanther at the Imperial War Museum having the bare metal sections under the superstructure side tool and equipment mountings as well as under the spare track on the rear hull sides.

Removing the Zimmerit segments from the thin backing film will require care due to the very thin resin and light sanding on the back of the sheet on a flat surface is the best method, the instructions give tips on the best way to remove these and if followed the segments come away from the backing film very easily. But do not get too vigorous while sanding as the segments are easily damaged as they come away if not careful, also due to the engraved Zimmerit pattern some larger segments such as those along the bottom of the superstructure sides can break apart and if this happens take note of where the parts go and you can easily fit them back together when attaching the segments to the kit hull.

One interesting inclusion is the complete resin rear hull plate to fully replace the kit part with this including the Zimmerit over the assess port covers as sometimes seen as well as individual resin Zimmerit segments to add to the kit real hull plate that goes around the access ports and you can use either depending on the model you are building. There are the rear storage boxes included separately with Zimmerit and these are added to whichever rear plate you decide to use?

The large glacis segment has cut-outs for the separate resin machine gun ball mountings as well as for the sight aperture and gun collar with the lower hull plate segments also provided with these fitting neatly onto the kit. There may be some minor trimming needed around the gun collar opening but test fitting will determine if any is needed?

The lower hull side segments have contours that fit around the suspension parts such as the bump stops and these fit easily to the lower hull sides either before or after adding the kit details.

All the upper superstructure side segments fit easily in place but watch the undersides around the barrel cleaning tube as there is a small separate segment here but is easy to align during application and the rear superstructure wall segments also fit well with cut-outs for the aerial mounting and access port and separate segments for the entry door.

There are also segments for the front fenders as these often had Zimmerit applied on the early Jagdpanthers and you can use these if required.

Test fitting of the sections showed an almost perfect fit all around with only a couple of areas where some very minor trimming may be required, mostly around the cut-outs for the gun collar and rear superstructure entry door. The large parts for the hull and superstructure were a perfect fit which will make assembly very easy.

As the sheets are very thin when removed from their backing film you should handle them with care but I didn’t have any problems during cleanup or during test fitting when handling with due care.

The instructions as mentioned give tips on the best method of gluing the Zimmerit to the kit parts and again following these will reduce any problems. There are no actual diagrams showing the location on the kit of the Zimmerit segments but most are grouped together on the resin sheet as they would be on the model so you can take note of this before removal as a further guide.


A nicely cast and detailed set depicting the early Jagdpanther square Zimmerit pattern with minimal cleanup although care is needed to avoid damage and simple application to make adding this essential detail to the Dragon early Jagdpanther kit very easy.

Due to the thin resin it is very easy to add battle damage with a sharp blade for a bit of variety for you Zimmerit pattern if desired?

Highly recommended 8/10

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    Panzerjaeger Panther (8.8cm) Sd.Kfz.173
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    Soft cover, 92 pages.

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