Bison Decals
Centaur, Comet and Cromwell
WW2 & Post War
1/35th Decal Sheet BD-35012
Review by Peter Brown

Bison Decals

Printed to a high standard for Bison by Microscale Industries, this sheet offers complete decals for three Centaurs and three Cromwells used by British forces in North West Europe and one Comet from the Greek Army, 1957. Most of the of items are on their own individual section backing film so saving the need to cut them out, though a few small details are on a small separate offcuts which do need be cut out. All items have a glossy finish so will need a top coat of matt varnish.

Full markings for each subject vehicle are included, with unit and tactical signs, serials, names, bridge class marks and white stars as appropriate. Line drawings show where the markings go with numbers cross-referenced to a layout sheet. Colour notes are given, as well as a list of the sources used so modellers can check photos of the original vehicles for details of stowage etc.

Subjects covered are -

The Centaur and Cromwell kits will suit the Tamiya kits or one of the older resin models, while for the Comet the only choice so far is the Accurate Armour model.

More good markings for British and Czech in the European campaign and a different Greek subject. Individual items items could be adapted for other vehicles with additional research. Well produced and presented, these are a welcome addition to the British tank enthusiast

Bison Decals

Highly recommended.

See the Bison Decals website for full details of this and coming decal sheets.
Thanks to Johan from Bison Decals for the review samples.

Page 18 December 2004

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