Bison Decals
Swimming & Wading Shermans
WWII British Shermans Pt.3
1/35th Decal Sheet BD-35014
Review by Peter Brown

Bison Decals

Printed by Microscale, the individual decal items come on their own small section of backing sheet with a glossy finish. A few small items come on separate small sections of decal sheet which will need to be cut out before use. Instructions are in the form of line drawings of the vehicles giving details of colours and a list of sources used in the design of the decals, a layout of the decals sheet with code numbers to identify the items for each subject.

Swimming & Wading Shermans covers three wading tanks and two Duplex Drive versions

For these decals you will need to convert a suitable Dragon kit to a DD or use Resicast kit 35.121, for the wading tanks you will have to mix and match kit and aftermarket items such as Formations or Legend M4A2 and the Dragon M4A1.

Bison Decals

Highly recommended.

See the Bison Decals website for full details of this and coming decal sheets.

Page 2 April 2005

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