Bison Decals
US Sherman
NW Europe 1944-45

1:35th Decal Sheet BD-35031
Review by Terry Ashley

Bison Decals
This second sheet in this series on US Armor in NW Europe from D-Day through to the end of the war in Europe has markings for five Shermans during 1944-45.

The decals are printing in the UK by Colour Slide with good colour register and the carrier film cropped close to the edge of the printed image although this is not as thin as the previous sheets printed by Microscale but should still adhere well with a bit of decal setting solution, they also have a distinct matt finish. The extra "Dagwood" logos are printed on a separate sheet with an over coating of carrier film and you will need to carefully cut out each image before use.

The sheets includes the vehicle registrations, Unit insignia and Tactical markings for the featured vehicles plus the large white circled stars for the turret tops and glacis and due to the relatively flat surfaces here there shouldn't be any problems getting the decals to sit down on the model.

Some of the finer stenciling panel data is not quite as clear as on previous sheets but if covered by some dust and dirt should look okay on the finished model.

The instruction sheet has two full sized A4 sheets with small three view black and white drawings of the vehicles showing the location of the various decals as well as a few scrap views where needed to show other markings as well as a list useful reference books. There is also a B&W reproduction of the decal sheet with all items numbered to help identify the markings shown in the diagrams and there shouldn't be any problems in locating the correct decal.

The markings on this sheet can be used on any of the applicable Sherman kits from Dragon, Italeri and Tamiya with aftermarket bits for the M1 Dozer and other details as required.

The images below and also available on the Bison Decals web site illustrate the markings included on the sheets as well as serving as additional painting guides.

The sheets again have a comprehensive array of markings for the five Shermans included and will provide some quite colourful finishes for the Applicable Shermans.

Highly recommended.

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Bison DecalsBison Decals
Bison Decals

See the Bison Decals website for full details of this and coming decal sheets.
Thanks to Johan from Bison Decals for the review samples.

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