Blast Models
M1025 HUMVEE Wheels
Aggressive pattern with new rims
Set No. BL35027K

Review by Terry Ashley

Blast Models
This new set of late pattern radial tyres and wheels from Blast Models is designed for the Tamiya HMMWV kit and are the first resin wheels released since the Tamiya kit arrived.

There are four wheels in the set cast in the usual light cream resin and the quality of the casting is excellent without any blemished present. The resin pouring point is also very small leaving only a small “scar” on the tread pattern when removed.

Blast Models

The wheels are designed for the Tamiya kit and feature the same size “pin” on the inside hub which fits precisely into the Tamiya axle stub and enclosed poly cap meaning no modification to the resin wheel or kit is required. The hubs have nice details and also include the air valve on the rims and of course the different centre hubs details for the front and rear wheels, the good thing here is each wheel has the valve in a different position in relation to the embossing so they aren't all the same as on other resin wheels.

The wheels have the “GoodYear” embossing on both the inner and outer walls of the tyre, something no other resin tyre has. But on looking closer the embossing on the outer wall is missing the "D" resulting in the word "Goo Year", while the embossing on the inner wall does include the D for the full word “GoodYear”. This may not even be noticed unless looking very closely and doesn't really detract from the overall good quality of the wheels.

The only other point is that the tread pattern is not quite deep enough at the shoulder of the tyre when viewed from side on, but let me stress this is only a small amount and not really noticeable from some angles so probably falls into the nip pick category.

The wheels are also numbered 1 to 4 and a small instruction sheet shows the location of each wheel to ensure the aggressor tread faces the correct direction on the model.

Blast Models

I have also updated the HMMWV wheel comparison review to include these new wheels which would be the best radial wheels available in resin to date and as mentioned just the thing if you want wheels for the Tamiya kit as these will fit straight on. If you want to fit these to the Italeri or Academy kits some minor modifications will be needed to the kit axles but nothing that should be too difficult.


See the Blast Models website for ordering details.

Page created 5 July 2003
Updated 6 July 2003

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