Blast Models
T-55 Update Set
Set No. BL35036K

Review by Terry Ashley

Blast Models
Following on from their Tiran 4/5 conversion Blast Models has now released a general update set for the Tamiya T-55 (kit No. 35257). This is not just a rehash of the parts from the Tiran set with all but the rear engine decking and front driver's periscopes being brand new for this update set.

The set consists of 53 parts cast in a light gray resin and are of an extremely high quality with superb details included on the parts. The only cleanup is the usual casting blocks and some fine resin flash on some of the finer parts, there were a few small air holes on a couple of the parts but this is getting really picky.

For the hull you get the Czech/Polish engine decking to use if required and the intricate driver's periscopes which require you to remove the moulded kit details first but nothing too difficult to handle.

The remainder of the parts are for the turret with a new mantlet canvas cover with excellent canvas texture and details of the seams on the top and undersides plus six ammo boxes with canvas covers for the hull side. There is a small periscope and the T-54 ventilator dome if required, the rest is for the turret hatches.

You are provided with no less than five different hatch arrangements to choose from and the hatches have details on the inside and outside plus additional latches and handles in some very fine resin pieces.
The variations include the Czech and Polish version T55 model 1958, East German Army/Soviet/Polish, the Polish Army version used in conjunction with the Tamiya kit hatches (parts B16/B17/C38) and the Soviet/Czech Army type again using the Tamiya kit hatches (parts B16/B21) plus the T-55 AM70 Final production model.
Some of the cast hatch surrounds include small casting numbers and fine weld seams for added detail.

An excellent update set that leaves many of the finer details to the etched metal people such as Eduard, Lion Roar, Part (and others) while giving you some excellent parts to build any hatch combination you would want along with the engine decking and mantlet cover.

Blast ModelsBlast Models
Blast Models
Images of hatches showing details inside and out,
there are also additional parts for latches and handles
Blast Models

Highly Recommended.

See the Blast Models website for ordering details.

Page created 6 November 2003

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