Blast Models
TD M10 Late Stowage
1:35 #BL35085K
Review by Terry Ashley

Another stowage set is designed for either the AFV Club or Academy late M10 and consists of five pieces in light cream resin with the quality of the casting being excellent without any blemishes and virtually no cleanup required on the parts.

The detail on the castings is very realistic with well defined details on the bedrolls, tarps and equipment satchels with the castings designed for the turret sides and rear hull and engine deck or basically any position you wish apart from the curved rear bedroll which has the sledge hammer mounted on the rear hull included in the casting.

This stowage is again typical of that seen on M10s serving it Italy and NW Europe and requires no alterations to add to the kits.

Another simple but nicely detailed set to add life to your M10 with minimal to no cleanup required and just needs painting before attaching to the model.

Highly recommended.

Resin parts
Blast Models

Thanks to Gilles from Blast Models for the review set.
The kit can be purchased direct from Blast Models or from AFV Modeller Shop in the UK.

Page created June 24, 2006

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