Blast Models
Stowage for Stryker Set No.1 & No.2
Blast Models 1:35 Set #BL35114K and #BL35115K
Review by Terry Ashley

AFV ClubBlast Models continue their excellent stowage sets with these two designed for the recent AFV Club M1126 Stryker ICV (kit #AF35126) with set #BL35114K having four parts in light gray resin and set #BL35115K three parts in light cream resin.

The quality of the casting is again excellent with well defined crisp details and just the small casting blocks to be removed before fitting to the kit. After removing the casting blocks from the end of the side storage racks in set #BL35115K there were some air holes exposed (one quite large) but this may vary between sets given the nature of resin casting. Having the casting blocks in this position also means there is no detail on that end of the cage and you may want to add this back for a better appearance.

The detail on the castings is very realistic with well defined details on the folds, bedrolls, tarps and assorted boxes and containers as well as the side storage cage detail and spare tyre in set #BL35115 with no alterations required to fit the parts to the kit other than some minor trimming on the insides of the side storage racks, test fitting will determine if any is needed.

A few of the smaller parts have indentations on the undersides to fit over the kit surface detail and these act as locating lugs securing the parts quickly and easily to the kit for ready made storage. You can fit both sets to one kit or spread them over a couple of kits for a bit of variety depending on your choice.

While the parts are designed to fit straight onto the AFV Club kit they will fit the Trumpeter Stryker kit (#00375) but you will have to trim some of the kit surface detail and locating lugs for the resin parts to fit and test fitting will determine if the resin parts themselves will need trimming.

These two sets continue the excellent storage series from Blast Models with simple but nicely detailed storage that only requires careful painting to bring out their best and will add life to your Stryker kits.Highly recommended 8/10.
Resin parts set #BL35114K (left), set #BL35115K (right)
Blast Models
Two views of set #BL35114K parts fitted to AFV Club kit
Blast Models
Side stowage (set
#BL35115K) with minor air holes to fill on ends
Blast Models
Set #BL35115K spare tyre
Blast Models

Thanks to Gilles from Blast Models for the review sets.
The set can be purchased direct from Blast Models or from AFV Modeller Shop in the UK.

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