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Update Set for Renault UE
Blast Models 1:35 Set #BL35117K
Review by Terry Ashley

Tamiya This update set from Blast Models for the recent Tamiya Renault UE (kit #35284) could be termed a basic set as it contains just 38 parts cleanly cast in light cream resin for the exterior of the vehicle.

Standard of resin casting is excellent with blemish free castings, many quite thin with detail on both sides such as the hatches and fenders as well as some extremely small wing latches for the engine and trailer. There are only quite small casting blocks to be removed from the parts and some thin resin film with many of the parts simply re-placing the Tamiya kit parts.

Before fitting the new parts there is a little surgery required on the upper hull (part B35) from the Tamiya kit to remove the two engine hatches, the moulded on front fenders and the small latches from between the two engine cover hatches. Care will be needed when removing these parts and you should trim the engine hatches flush with the hull to leave a lip to sit the new resin hatches on as well as being careful not to damage some surrounding rivet detail as you go. Also note that the forward engine access hatch has the large locating post on the underside that will no longer be there but this shouldn’t affect the fitting of the upper deck to the sides if care is taken.

On the front hull plate (part B8) you have to carefully remove the moulded on Renault logo and again there are 4 rivets around this that will be virtually impossible not to destroy in the process so I wouldn’t even try to get the moulded logo off and retain the rivets, just cut them off with the logo and replace later. The top riveted panel on part (B8) which forms the front of the forward engine hatch cover also needs to be removed which is quite straightforward.

The trailer front panel (part D5, not C5 as the Blast instructions indicate) also needs the moulded on Renault logo removed but there is no surrounding detail so this is quite straightforward.

The resin parts include new engine access hatches as mentioned above which have the louvered panels and small securing latches attached and these replace the kit parts after you have removed those as do the fenders which are cast very thin with fine rivet detail on the top and underside bracings to improve the kit fenders.

The crew access hatches are all replaced with thinly cast resin parts apart from the forward hatch domes (parts A22). The folding hatches have fine details on both sides if you want to show these open but there is no interior in the kit or this update if they are left open.

On the right side the exhaust is made up of the resin muffler and two part exhaust pipe with new cast hull exit cover as well as the outer exhaust cover with moulded louvers but these are not open and some fine blade work will be needed if you want to open the louver gaps.

The inner mounting plate is also in resin and this assembly replaces the kit exhaust parts for a finer appearance  while on the left fender are two new resin storage boxes, one large and one small to use as required and these again simply replace the kit box.

Other smaller details include the long Guicherd headlight, a coil of wire tow cable and numerous small wing nuts for around the engine deck and trailer as well as two small suspension fittings.

This is a nicely produced update set for your UE that has that apart from the surgery mentioned above which will require a bit of effort just replaces the kits exterior parts to add additional detail to the kit.

This set should appeal to those who just want to update the most obvious areas for added detail definition and if used in conjunction with the Azimut UE update set #35373 with the full interior you can really do a job on your UE.

Highly recommended 8/10

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Thanks to Gilles from Blast Models for the review sets.
The set can be purchased direct from Blast Models or from AFV Modeller Shop in the UK.

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