Bronco Models
Comet Gun Shield
Bronco Models 1:35 Scale Kit No. AB3508
Review by Terry Ashley

Released in conjunction with their full kit of the A34 Comet (kit #CB35010), Bronco Models have also released this simple update set consisting on a single piece with the canvas covered mantlet so prominent on serving Comets.

The standard of casting is excellent with just a single small air bubble on one lower corner to deal with and only small remnants of the pouring blocks to be removed before fitting to the kit.

Bronco Models

You have to drill out the co-axial machine gun mounting and the barrel locating hole but that is the only preliminary work required but note the barrel hole should only be 4mm in diameter for the plastic barrel neck which is smaller than opening in the mantlet. It is best to drill a smaller hole first ensuring this is drilled centrally and then drill the larger 4mm hole as this eliminates drill bit ‘creep’ when drilling a larger diameter hole straight off.

Bronco Models

To fit the resin part to the kit you have to cut off the lower turret ring forward of the turret sides and it best to full assembly the turret to ensure you cut at the right spot.

Bronco Models
Bronco Models

After removing the turret ring the resin part is a very good fit to the plastic turret as you expect being designed for that part.

A very simple update to add that final touch to the very good Bronco Comet kit with the work required to fit being well within the capabilities of most modellers.

Bronco Models

See the A34 Comet Subject page for additional detail/update set reviews available.


Thanks to Bronco Models for the review kit.

Page Created April 10, 2006

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