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A34 Comet Workable Track
Bronco Models 1:35 Scale Kit No. AB3511
Review by Terry Ashley

Bronco Models

This latest update set from Bronco Models for their own A34 Comet Cruiser Tank (kit #35010) is this set of individual workable tracks links moulded in a firm vinyl material that is actually softer then normal plastic making them easy to work with.

The set has 112 sprues with two links each for a total of 224 individual links and as each track run uses 108 links that leave 8 extra to use as required including the often seen spare links stowed on the turret sides.

112 Sprues = 224 individual track links
Bronco Models

Moulding quality of the links is very good with the only cleanup needed being the single sprue attachment scar which is very easy to remove due to the softness of the material compared to normal plastic parts. There are also two very shallow pin marks on the inside of each link and some may not even bother to remove these as they are not that obvious due to the road wheels hiding most of them when fitted. But they are also easy to remove by light shaving with a sharp X-Acto #11 blade for very cleanly moulded track links overall.

Track links before and after removing the shallow pin marks
Bronco Models

The track link detail is also well done with well defined rib detail but the end pins are a little undersized with each link having two small locating pins that fit into corresponding holes on the next link to form the track runs.

Assembly is very straightforward with you slipping one pin into the hole on the next link (1) and using light thumbnail pressure flex the opposite end out and over the link (2) which sees the pin slip easily into place. Don’t try and force the pin directly into place without flexing the link or the pin can be damaged in the process.

Bronco Models

This method made assembly very quick and easy with the assembled runs being very robust without any tendencies to come apart even with a bit of rough handling. They also articulated very freely which is a little wasted as there is no track sag on the Comet track but it does allow them to fit easily around the Drive Sprockets and Idler Wheels.

Assembled track runs
Bronco ModelsBronco Models

You will have to deepen the space between the return roller wheels as this is a little shallow for the guide teeth to sit neatly but this is easily done with the tracks fitting very well around the Drive Sprockets.

Assembled tracks around kit Drive Sprockets and Idler wheels.
Also note the plastic idler which has now replaced the resin idler in the Comet kits.

Bronco ModelsBronco ModelsBronco Models
Images of real track
Bronco ModelsBronco Models

This set of Comet tracks is nicely detailed with very little cleanup required with easy assembly and while there is no track sag required the individual links give very good definition between the links and are far more detailed than the vinyl kit tracks.

Highly recommended 8/10  

See the A34 Comet Subject page for additional detail/update set reviews available.


Thanks to Bronco Models for the review kit.

Page Created March 13, 2007

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