Bronco Models
French H39 Hotchkiss
Bronco Models Kit No. 35001
1:35 Scale

Bronco Upper Hull details with corresponding Heller and Trumpeter parts.
Bronco hull includes separate vision ports and hatch hinge bolts
Bronco Models
Hull comparisons, note Trumpeter and Heller wider at the rear.
Heller hull is in two parts, joining just behing the turret ring but fit is not good.
Also Bronco and Trumpeter has separate engine deck grills while Heller deck is included with rear hull.Bronco Models
Note; Bronco hull has correct 5 rear hull retaining bolts for the H39 while the other kits
have the earlier 4 retaining bolts
Engine deck grill work with correct layout on Bronco part
Bronco ModelsTrumpeter

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