Bronco Models
DAK "Topolino" (German/Italian Light) Staff Car
w/Crew & IFS Infantry Cart

Bronco Models 1:35 Scale Kit No. CB35156
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Note: A brief comparison with the Tamiya Simca 5 (kit #35231) will be included here as they are
basically the same, the Simca 5 being a licenced version of the Fiat 500 produced in France.
There are some differences but many of the major components are the same for both.
The Bronco parts are in beige plastic and the Tamiya parts in grey plastic.

Views of the assembled Bronco engine.
No engine is included in the Tamiya kit.
Bronco Models
Chassis and suspension parts
Bronco Models
Assembled rear suspension, the Bronco suspension yet to be fitted to the chassis.
Bronco Models
Bronco rear suspension fitted to the chassis, the Tamiya suspension fits directly to body
with the central chassis included with the main body moulding.
Bronco Models
Front suspension parts, the Bronco parts are more delicate and to scale than the Tamiya parts.
Bronco Models
The engine attached to the chassis and the rear suspension added to the main chassis frame.
Bronco Models
The steering arms and linkages plus the brake drums added to the Bronco front suspension,
the images show the delicate nauture of the suspension parts for a good scale appearance.

Bronco Models
Undersides showing the front suspension in place, as no photos are available of the underside
it can't be determined if the undersides had the ribs or not as included on the Tamiya kit.

Bronco Models
Engine bulkhead with fuel tank and compartment sidewalls in the Bronco kit.
Bronco Models

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