Bronco Models
DAK "Topolino" (German/Italian Light) Staff Car
w/Crew & IFS Infantry Cart

Bronco Models 1:35 Scale Kit No. CB35156
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Note: A brief comparison with the Tamiya Simca 5 (kit #35231) will be included here as they are
basically the same, the Simca 5 being a licenced version of the Fiat 500 produced in France.
There are some differences but many of the major components are the same for both.
The Bronco parts are in beige plastic and the Tamiya parts in grey plastic.

Basic assembly completed for the civilian configuration as per marking option 1 and 3 in the Bronco kit,
the Bronco kit allows you to position the engine compartment hood in the open position to display the engine if you wish.
The kit offers alternate bumber bars that can be fitted if required?
Note: The Topolino is only fitted with the single windscreen wiper while the Simca 5 has the two wipers.
Bronco ModelsBronco Models
View inside the engine hood showing the grill detail included.
Bronco Models
The Tamiya kit assembled, this too has alternate bumper bars that can be fitted if required.
Note also the omission of the lower running boards from the Tamiya kit, these should be included.

Bronco Models
Interior door details, the Bronco has the storage flap as well as latch and detail on the outer edge of the door
the Tamiya has no additional detail but does have four pins marks to be removed.
Bronco Models
The alternate fenders provided on the Bronco kit, the Tamiya kit includes similar alternate fenders.
Bronco Models
Assembly of the roof Jerry can racks in situ, the lower etched strips need to be added to the roof first and then the top rack frame (part C3)
the Jerry cans were also glued to the etched strips to add rigidity to the assembly as it was rather flimsy with just the etched strips and rack.
Bronco Models
The etched retaining straps can be added to the racks.
Bronco ModelsBronco Models
Front view with the additional German items added of Notek light and etched mounting, the shovel with etched brackets,
the fender width indicators and the pennant flag
Bronco Models

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