T-55 Engine Pack

1/35 Kit #35021
Review by Terry Ashley

Image of finished model courtesy Calibre35

This set is a simple engine drop-in designed for the Tamiya T-55 and consists of 8 parts in the usual light cream resin and a length of fine copper wire for the engine wiring. No modifications are required on the Tamiya kit as the resin deck parts simply replace the Tamiya items.

The only cleanup needed is the usual casting blocks and the sanding off of the backing resin for the replacement engine deck panel (resin part 1). Care is needed when sanding off this resin as the panel is thin and the moulded on hinge detail very fine and easily damaged, unfortunately one hinge was already broken on the part in my set.

The engine tub (resin part 3) simply fits under the lip of the opening on the Tamiya rear deck while the engine consists of the upper half with the two cylinder blocks, exhaust manifolds plus added wiring. The cylinder blocks and exhaust manifolds have nice details and the tub also has other details included which would be seen through the open access hatches.

The two engine access hatches are separate and fit snugly into the recesses on the deck panel if you want to show them closed while the deck panel also fits nicely into the Tamiya deck opening.

A simple and nicely detailed drop-in which doesn’t require any work on the kit to add some extra detail.


Thanks again to Gilles from Blast Models for the usual quick delivery of my order.

Page Created 8 October 2003

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