Sd.Kfz.251/21 with MG151/20 Drilling
1/35 Kit #35023
Review by Terry Ashley

Image of finished model courtesy Calibre35

The Kit:
Designed for the Tamiya Sd.Kfz.251 Ausf.D (Kit 35195), this set is the third reincarnation of the 'Drilling' from Calibre35/Aires and contains the same parts as the earlier Calibre35 set No.35002 Drilling MG151/20 plus the main fighting compartment floor from the Aires Drilling Set (kit No.3002) and some new parts for the additional upper superstructure armour.

As such I won’t go over the kit contents again as this has already been done with the initial review of set No.35002 Drilling MG151/20 here but will just mention the new parts in this set.

Etched parts and metal barrels

The main fighting compartment floor is the same as the original Aires Drilling Set (kit No.3002) and simply replaces the Tamiya floor (part C3), there is a substantial casting block on the bottom of the resin floor but you only need remove the first and last 6mm (1/4in) to fit the Tamiya hull and has the round mounting plate for the pedestal gun mount included.

The new upper armoured side extensions are cast in thin resin of uniform thickness and the locating holes for the MG and splash plate need to be filled on the upper Tamiya hull before fitting the new front plate.

Additional research has come to light on the Drilling showing more extensive details on the bottom of the main triple gun mount than is included on resin part (14) which is flat on the bottom once you remove the this resin casting film.

The instructions are the same as for set 35002 with the inclusion of a third page showing the fitting of the upper armour plates and positioning of the finished gun mount.


Although basically the same as the earlier set (No.35002) this drilling update is more complete with the inclusion of the floor and upper side armour extensions alleviating the need to modify the Tamiya kit parts.


SdKfz251 in action #2021
Squadron Signal Publications


Ground Power Special

Thanks to David from Calibre35 for the review kit.

Page Created 1 March 2004

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