Sherman Transparent Cupola
1/35 Kit #35025
Review by Terry Ashley

The Kit:
This set is the same as the previously released M26 Pershing transparent cupola (Set No.35011) and why not as it is the same cupola, the set consist of one vision cupola cast in clear resin and a small sheet of pre-cut masks to mask of the vision blocks for painting.

The detail on the cupola is very nice with well define vision blocks and screw head details and while it is not easy to see this on the clear part they become apparent when painted.

The only cleanup needed is to carefully remove the resin film in the centre of the cupola and the casting block from the undersides but you should take care to ensure the bottom of the cupola is flat by not removing too much resin during the cleanup.


A simple yet effective update for any Sherman fitted with vision cupola.

Thanks to David from Calibre35 for the review kit.

Page Created 1 March 2004

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