Marder III Upper Hull
with Gun Mount

Review by Terry Ashley

This new update set from CMD is designed for the Tamiya Marder III Sd.Kfz.139 7.62cm PaK36(r) (Kit No. 35248) and is the simplest of updates consisting of just one piece.

This one piece is the upper hull section which is cast cleanly in cream resin and simply replaces Tamiya part B5. While the parts are virtually identical the CMD part has the flange added around the lower edges of the gun mounting plus the sections cut out for the ammo boxes at the front.

The casting is well done with only very minor cleanup needed on some edges and was perfectly straight without any hint of warping or air holes. No adjustments are needed on the kit to fit the resin part so nothing could be easier and at just US$4.00 makes for pretty good value.


See the Chesapeake Model Designs website for details on availability.

Page created 17 September 2003

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