Panther Radiator Cooling Fan
and Radiator Inserts

Review by Terry Ashley
Another simple update set from CMD designed for any of the Dragon Panthers (Kits No. 6160, 6164, 6168) and consists of just two parts cast in light cream resin.

The casting is nicely done without the need for any cleanup but you will need to make minor adjustments to the Panther kits to accept the radiators by trimming the ends of the inside grill mouldings at an angle to fit the insides of the radiator castings. The radiators are then simply fitted to the undersides of the engine deck openings to take care of the hollow look and at just US$4.00 this update set is also easy on the pocket.


See the Chesapeake Model Designs website for details on availability.

Page created 27 January 2003

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