T-34-76 Model 1940 Cast Turret

Set # CMD 41

Review by Terry Ashley
DragonCMD have released this T-34-76 cast turret produced at Zavod Factory 183 in 1940/41 for the Dragon Kit (#6092) T-34-76 model 1940.

The cast turret was similar to the welded turret included in the kit with some minor detail changes while the hull details were the same for both turret types.

The CMD set consist of 10 parts cast in light cream resin and are blemish free with just the usual casting blocks to be removed before use plus a turned aluminium 76mm barrel to replace the kit Dragon part.


The largest part is of course the turret which is cast in one piece with just the lower turret ring and Dragon kit supplied hatch and gun mantlet to be added. The turret casting is completely hollow so you can add crew members but the inside walls would need thinning to add interior wall details.

The detail on the turret exterior is excellent with subtle cast texture and weld seams around the roof insert and the front cheeks of the turret very well done.

Additional parts include the lower turret ring which fits into the bottom of the turret casting and some minor trimming may be needed to get a snug fit but the fit of the resin ring to the Dragon hull is superb without any movement at all and is probably one of the best fitting resin to plastic turret rings I’ve seen for a while with absolutely no trimming needed for the fit.

New inner gun mountings are supplied to fit the cast turret with the Dragon kit gun breech added to these parts for easy fitting and the kit mantlet assembly fits in place just like the plastic kit items while the new metal barrel which has the muzzle drilled out to a depth of 6mm simply replaces the plastic kit barrel.

The only modifications needed was to slightly reduce the thickness from the inside of the turret roof just in front of the large hatch opening to accept the Dragon kit hatch hinges to show this in the closed position, but no mods were needed to show the hatch in the open position.

Two periscopes are provided (with inner and outer sections) to use as required and you should check your references as some turrets had two PKS periscopes while others only one and small visor parts are provide for the turret side vision ports.

The instructions are a double sided ‘letter’ sized sheet with text notes on one side and construction diagrams on the other and these are very clear making the construction a breeze and shouldn’t pose any problems.

Three views of the cast turret.

This is a relatively simple update to give your Mod 1940 T-34 a different look with all the parts virtually replacing the Dragon kit items with only very minor trimming needed on a couple of parts and a cast model 1941 turret will follow shortly for the Dragon T-34-75 Model 1941 kit.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Bill from Chesapeake Model Designs for the review kit and check the CMD website for details on this and other sets available.

Page created 31 October 2004

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