1/35th #3012 Panzer IV Driver's Compartment
Review by Terry Ashley
Designed for the Tamiya Panzer IV Kits.
The set consists of 76 finely cast resin pieces, a small etched metal fret by Eduard and photo film instrument dials. Resin quality is first class, with many fine peices that require care when removing from the casting blocks.

There is a sparate floor to which is added the transmission, steering clutches and brakes plus a miriod of other smaller parts.
The set is very comprehensive and included detail for the inside of the upper hull also.
Of note is the inclusion of the overhead and central bulkhead between the driver's and fighting compartments which includes some plumbing that fits into the floor section when fitted together and also the ammo rack found in this compartment with an etched top section with resin rounds to fill it with.
I could fill a whole page describing the amount of detail included in this set, but it is probably easier to see the instruction sheets to see what is included. I have included these sheets below for that purpose.

In all another superb detail set from CMK. Highly recommended as it builds into a most complete front office for your Panzer IV.

The Resin Parts
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