M4 Sherman Interior Set
1/35th Set #3027

Review by Terry Ashley
This is the first of two planned updates sets for the M4 Sherman from CMK, the other being #3026 Sherman Driver’s set but we will look at this set #3027 M4 Sherman Interior.

The first thing to note is the name of the set is a little misleading in that it only has parts for the turret interior so would be more appropriately named “M4 Sherman Turret Interior Set”, but that aside it certainly doesn’t distract from what is in the box.

The set is designed for the Tamiya M4 Sherman (Kit #35190) and consists of 143 finely cast parts in light cream resin and a further 72 etched parts and considering it is just the turret interior this will give some indication of the detail contained in the set.

The quality of the resin casting is superb without any blemishes and just the usual casting blocks to be removed as well as some fine resin film on some parts but as many of the parts are quite small care will be needed when removing the excess resin but there is nothing that should be too difficult for an experienced resin user.

The etched parts are done by Eduard for CMK so there are no problems with the quality of the etched parts.

The two largest resin parts are a replacement lower turret ring (part 18) which replaces the Tamiya part (#E13) completely the turret basket floor.

The new turret ring (part 18) has additional details around the ring and also incorporates the lower section of the turret bustle as did the Tamiya part E13 but the fit to the kit turret will require a bit of filling at both sides of the bustle/turret join and there is a slight gap between the front of the ring and the turret but this is on the underside so will be easy to fix and this may vary a bit from set to set given the nature of resin sets.

The basket floor has subtle tread plate pattern with the rear floor hatch as a separate etched part again with tread plate pattern and there are is the floor mounted ammo racks made up of numerous etched parts that will require you to bend the three round supports which could be tricky without some form of jig and there are additional side and top parts for the bin so it can be shown fully closed or open to show the racks inside. Around the lower floor ring are the base clips for the ready rounds stowed around the basket ring.

Additional parts attached to the floor ring are the seven basket support arms, traverse motor and several small junction boxes, while the basket sides are formed be lightly bending the etched parts provided to form the curved mesh walls.

Around the walls are the upper ready round clips made from etched parts that are bent to shape and attached to the sides of the basket as well as the two small ring mounted seats that can be fitted lowered or folded, the fire extinguisher and radio with support base to replace the kit radio in the rear bustle.

The Gunner’s seat is in two parts with its adjustable base and there is the compass and gun elevation unit attached to the upper ring wall as well as the ammo box for the co-ax .30 cal MG.

Inside the Tamiya turret shell are the two periscope bodies, cover for the ventilator opening, the inside section of the 2” bomb thrower and various junction boxes for the sidewalls, while on the outside is a new welded surround for the pistol port plus a new port door with support arm if you wish to show this open?

The remainder of the parts go to make a very compete gun breech assembly and there are some exceptionally finely cast and delicate parts here that will require care when cleaning up and during assembly.

This assembly has no less than 24 resin pieces that include the breech with separate sliding block and the associated levers, the main gun with supporting trunnions to the sighting telescope with separate eye piece, the actuator assembly with small hand wheel and the co-ax .30cal MG with separate handgrip that also includes the gun cradle and not just with the barrel stuck through the mantlet as on most sets plus a small section of ammo belt to go between the gun and ammo box mounted on the turret ring. This whole assembly fits perfectly into the locating lugs on the inside of the Tamiya kit gun shield without modification and is without doubt the most complete and detailed Sherman gun assembly available today.

With a set such as this the instructions are very important because it’s one thing to have a lot of parts but if you can’t work out where they go there’s really not much point and you only have to try and put the Verlinden M4 Sherman interior set (#1244) together to see exactly what I’m referring too. Fortunately the instructions with this CMK set are very good with a small seven page booklet with fourteen steps detailing the assembly that have detailed exploded view diagrams showing precisely where each part goes and unlike the Verlinden instructions all the parts included in the set are shown in the instructions.

Obviously you have to study the instructions and familiarise yourself as to the location of the parts but I didn’t find any sections where I couldn’t see exactly where each parts go and CMK are to be commended on these instructions.

I have included scans of the instruction sheets to show the full extent of the details in the set.

Without doubt this is the most compete and well detailed Sherman turret interior I have seen with excellent casting on the many small parts and the inclusion of the etched parts only enhances the overall appeal of the set.

Judging by this set we can only wait for the other set in the series to give your Sherman the most complete interior this side of the real thing.

While the set is designed for the M4 it should be able to be used with other early 75mm gunned Shermans in US service.

Highly recommended

The Etched Parts
The Resin Parts
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Thanks to CMK and Sam Dwyer for the review set.

Page created 13 April 2005

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