Opel Blitz T-Stoff Tankwagen
CMK 1:35 Scale Conversion Set #3103
Review by Terry Ashley


T-Stoff was the oxidizer part of a bipropellant rocket fuel combination used in Germany during World War 2. It was used in combined with C-Stoff (methanol-hydrazine mixture) in the Messerschmitt Me 163 and Messerschmitt Me 262 for fuel.

T-Stoff was also used to drive the turbopump in the German V2 rocket but because of its extreme oxidizing potential, T-stoff was an extremely dangerous chemical to handle, so special rubberized suits were required when working with it as it would react with most cloth or other combustible material and cause it to spontaneously combust.

Specialized transport tankers were developed to move this volatile fuel and this conversion from CMK represents the T-Stoff tanker built on the Opel Blitz chassis used to support the V2 program.

The Set:

This set is designed specifically for the Tamiya German 3ton 4x2 Cargo Truck (kit #35291) and consists of 19 parts cast in light cream resin with just the casting blocks and some fine resin film to be removed before use and a small double sided instruction sheet.

This standard of resin casting is good overall with clean crisp detail without any blemishes such as air holes or warping to contend with, there is also no alterations required on the Tamiya kit to take the resin parts making for a relatively easy conversion.

The three larger tanker parts have quite substantial pour plugs to be removed and you should ensure when cutting this from the central oval tank that the end remains perfectly flat to mate properly to the end section. The oval tank is hollowed out resulting in a lighter part but the two end sections are full blocks of resin and the lower casting plug will take a bit of effort to remove, but after this is fairly plain sailing.

Assembly of the large tank is straightforward due to the warp free parts with the oval central tank being glued to the end sections even with the top edges and the lower mounting framework fitting neatly into the large recesses on the underside of the central tank.

The top access hatch is then added to the top of the tank and two grab handles added from thin wire (not included) as well as the main and spare pumps added as per the instructions. These are made up of 5 resin parts each with two mounting plates for the main pump but there should be some plumbing added to the pumps and while the instructions give a brief illustration of these coming from the pump they don't show where the piping should end. Having some references for this would be of assistance otherwise you will just have to 'wing it' by running the pipes out of sight under the tank assembly.

Fitting the full tank assembly to the Tamiya kit is very easy as the lower frames just sit on top of the kit chassis without any further alterations required with the only reservation being that from the few references I have this conversion would be on the later Opel Blitz chassis with reinforced rear suspension (which the Tamiya kit has) and later wheels with 8 lightening holes in the rims (which the Tamiya kit doesn't have).


These are exploded view line drawings similar to mainstream kit instructions and are quite clear as the assembly is not that complicated in any case and the good quality of the resin parts makes for easy assembly.

The remainder of the Tamiya kit is assembled as per kit instructions or you could add details from any of the available update sets available for the kit to add further detail to the conversion.


Overall this is fairly simply resin conversion with cleanly cast parts, minimal cleanup required and no warping of the parts to deal with. There is no actual surgery required on the Tamiya kit to take the resin parts and the fit of the parts is good overall with nothing out of the ordinary for resin sets.

This is a quick and easy conversion for the Tamiya kit to produce one of the many support vehicle based on the Opel Blitz chassis for those wanting something different for the Blitz.

Highly recommended

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Resin Parts:



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Reinhard Frank
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Thanks to CMK for the review set.

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