Marder III H update set Update Set #3837
1:35th Scale

Review by Terry Ashley

Dragon This new update set from Dragon released under the cyber-hobby label is designed specifically for the Dragon Sd.Kfz.138 Panzerjäger 38 für 7.5cm PaK40/3 Ausf.H Marder III H (kit #6331). A full review of that kit along with detailed comparison to the Tristar Marder III H kit will follow shortly but in the meantime we'll have a look to see what this "update" set has to offer.

The set has two two upper superstructure sides provided in pre-formed brass along with replacement fenders and an additional etched fret and small decal sheet.

Starting with the superstructure sides, these are thinner than the plastic kit parts but it's all downhill from there as the "rivets" are simply raised circles and lack the domed rivet heads as they should making them basically useless for anyone interested in accuracy. Of course if you prefer parts that just give the impression of detail than they may have a use but we have the situation where you need an update set to correct another update set by using third party rivets such as those from Scale Hardware. But the raised circles are also oversized meaning if you do add the correct sized rivet heads you will have a ridge around the bottom.

Moving to the "new" fenders, these are the same as the kit fenders apart from the front section of raised ribs have been re-aligned on the left fenders to correct the kit fenders but the new ribs are actually thicker than the initial ribs which is quite noticeable again making the value of these parts questionable?

So we are left with the etched fret with many smaller details that is actually labeled MC6331 and appears to have been destined for the full kit till someone decided it would be better to sell separate to make more money, but you can't knock good marketing.

The fret provides internal ribbing for the "new" superstructure sides but again the rivets are flat circles and not domed as they should plus additional ammo rack mountings and clips with smaller details for the periscopes that will add finer details to these parts.

Lastly there is a small decal sheet with markings for three Marder IIIs but no information is given on the units leaving you to find your own references.

I cannot in all honesty recommend this set to anyone with the slightest concern about accuracy as the superstructure sides are of little use at all as they come with the same comments on the fenders but the etched fret does have a few parts that could be useful but you are better off saving your money for the updates sets bound to come from the many aftermarket companies such as ABER, Lion Roar, Royal Model or Voyager to name just a few.

Not recommended 3/10

As mentioned a full Marder III H kit review will follow shortly.

Etched fret
Decal sheet

Panzer Tracts No.7-2
ISBN 0-9744862-9-9
Marder III Ausf.H

Nuts & Bolts Vol.18
128 pages, Soft Cover
Marder III/Grille
Wydawnictwo Militaria No.175
ISBN: 83-7219-025-9

Thanks to mt Credit Card for the review set, I think.

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