Sd.Kfz 2/2 kleines Kettenkrad
Dragon Kit No. 6128
1/35th Scale
First Look Review by Terry Ashley

This kit is another re-release of an earlier kit with some extra parts added for a good measure and gives us the Sd.Kfz 2/2 kleines Kettenkrad w/sch.Feldkable (Heavy Cable Laying Vehicle) version with the kit representing the later model Kettenkrad.

DragonThe kit is basically the same as kit No. 6114 with the addition of an extra sprue (E) with the cable drums and support framework plus the small weapons sprue from Kit No.6070 and the figure sprue from Kit No.6190 “Frozen Battleground Moscow 1941”.

For those not familiar with the Dragon Kettenkrad it is a superb little kit with fine crisp details that features a full engine and drive train with additional parts for the engine including the air clearer and carby/exhaust manifold while the engine compartment door can be opened after assembly to show off the engine details. The door intake screens are moulded in plastic and could do with replacing with etched screens for a better appearance, this being one of the few areas of the kit needing attention.

The axles are all separate with the separate interleaved road wheels having excellent details as does the drive sprocket which has the fine hub detail down to a tee and the front fork assembly is very well detailed and is movable after assembly.

The tracks are individual link and are fully workable with the assembly in the usual fashion for German Half Track links with each track link fitting into the next and the separate track pad holding them together. The only thing is with the Kettenkrad being the smallest of the German Half Tracks the track links are correspondingly small so care is needed when gluing together so as not to get glue where it shouldn’t go.


The extra parts for the cable drums and support frame are cleanly moulded with the drums in one piece eliminating any join seam which is handy while the support frame is quite fine and only needs the usual mould seam removed.

The figures from the Frozen Battleground Moscow 1941 are nicely detailed with separate lower coat flaps for good detail definition as well as a good selection of personal equipment with this set of figures being as good of any Dragon have done.

The small decal sheet has markings for two Kettenkrads, both Wehrmacht from unknown units on the Eastern Front and Caucasus and has front and rear licence plates.

The instructions are the exploded view line drawings type and are quite easy to follow.

This is an excellent little kit with plenty of details included and if you didn’t pick this kit up the first time around then now’s your chance.


The Sprues:

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Allied & Axis No.2
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kleines Kettenkraftrad Sd.Kfz.2

Kit courtesy of my Credit Card and the excellent service from Rainbow Ten.

Page created 3 April 2004

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