Sd.Kfz. 251/22 Ausf. D
Cyberhobby/Dragon 1:35 Scale Kit #6248
Review by Terry Ashley

The Kit:

Dragon continue to release new versions of their Sd.Kfz.251 kits at a steady rate with this new version being the second Ausf.D kit representing the Sd.Kfz.251/22 Ausf.D Mittlerer Schützenpanzerwagen für 7.5cm PaK40 (L46) which appeared from December 1944 onwards.

Just like the original Dragon have combined their kit of the PaK40 with the basic 251/1 SPW which is basically the same parts from kit #6233 with some parts being updated as well as two sprues and metal parts from the PaK40 Kit #6249 again with some minor modifications for the /22 and a set of figures from set #6064 “German MG42 Heavy Machine Gun Team” plus an assortment of additional equipment and two sets of tracks as per Kit #6233.

The new parts for the /22 are very cleanly moulded without any pin marks at all, this is due to the use of numerous little 'nodes' on the parts to act as the mould push out points and while this takes a but more cleanup is a small price to pay for the cleaner parts, this is something Dragon has done on recent kits and does effectively eliminate the pin mark scourge.


As mentioned the kit is basically the standard 251/1 Ausf.D from kit #6233 but also includes is a new upper hull with separate late one piece rear opening engine bay door so you have a choice of the first production /22 or the latest hull version as the full original hull is still included. There is a minor issue with the later hull engine door arrangement as along with the new rear opening door the forward part of the hull top was also a new door which opened to the right and while Dragon have included the hinges for the door the door outline is not included (i.e. small engraved line on opposite side of hull) and the central radiator cap cover is also still included which wasn’t on the new door so you will have to cut off the cap (not a big problem) and scribe a hatch line, again not a big job to correctly depict the later hull engine door arrangement.

Some of the parts have been updated as seems to be the normal with each new release and we see slight tweaks to the drive sprocket hub but unfortunately there is still no drive rollers and the teeth are not offset as they should be. The road wheels have the small notch added to the centre hub and the outer wheels have more prominent outer rims although the spot welds seen of the wheels are still not there and contours of the lightening holes are not rounded as they should be. These may seem very minor points but they are details very noticeable of the real wheels and something AFV Club got right the first time around, so maybe by the end of the planned releases by Dragon these details may be included?

Not to labour the point but this presents a lucky dip situation for kit buyers as I presume these updated wheels will find their way into earlier kits but you have no way of knowing if you are buying the old or new parts when buying the kits?

Other details not updated are the undersized central floor hump, undersized steering wheel and no driver’s foot pedals but the seats have been updated with new two part items with much better details than on the previous one piece offerings and do look more like to the original while the driver’s bulkhead has the correct outward slant on the left side. The front suspension parts are still the original parts which appear slightly undersized when compared to photos and plans but may not be that noticeable on the finished kit.

The main alterations are on the inside with the front two bench seats eliminated to make room for the 7.5cm gun and ammo bins, which are nicely moulded with separate doors and the end caps of the rounds showing if you leave the doors open for good details.
The large framework and forward bulkhead supports for the PaK40 has been effectively reproduced with the forward bulkhead fitting to the two side bolted flanges after some minor trimming and obviously this has to be fitted before attaching the upper hull.

The PaK40 is straight from the kit #6249 but the undersized cradle has been corrected to the right length, which is good to see and the lower gun base has been altered to fit onto the gun support frames.
Two new gun shields are included with the small cut-outs in the lower corners to fit the 251 hull but this is cut-out to far up the height of the shield, this can be seen when looking at photos which show the cut-out comes up three quarters of the distance between the bottom and middle shield bolt but the cut-out is up level with the middle bolt on the Dragon Shield. Again the edges are bevelled quite thin to show the spacing with the main shield parts joining together without any gap as per the shields in kit #6249.
You still get the choice of three muzzle brakes and a plastic or metal barrel whichever you prefer as well as new skeletal guard for the right side of the gun.

Also included is the new upper hull panel above the driver with the cut-out for the gun and a small gun travel lock fitted at the forward edge of the top panel. The bottom mounting bracket for the travel lock is in etched metal but take note that the instructions show the lock mounted on top of the upper panel when in fact it should be mounted on the top front edge of the front driver’s plate and you may have to add a small mounting bracket on the front plate to accept the etched bracket provided.

Another thing to watch is that a number of photos show that the right side vision port is blanked off with a flat plate while others show the visor still fitted, so it’s a matter of checking references on this feature.

Two crew figures are provided for the gun crew which can be positioned inside the hull in a diorama setting and there is also the eight figure set #6064 “German MG42 Heavy Machine Gun Team” to also add to dioramas and two more pieces of clothing in the soft DS100 vinyl to add further life.


The same tracks are included in this kit as with kit #6233 with the original early individual track and the later “EZ Track” with the pressed pattern and rubber shoe but these still have the two large pin marks on each link to contend with.

Late type pressed track links
Original early type track links


There are four sheets in the kit, three from previous kits with the large selection of vehicle numbers and crosses, the licence plate sheet with many variations possible, the stencil sheet from the PaK40 kit and another small sheet with markings for the three vehicles shown on the instruction sheet. No unit information is given for the vehicles with one shown in overall Dark Yellow and other two in late war three colour cam schemes.

New Decal


Another nicely moulded and detailed kit but still with some niggling little detail issues in the basic 251 but judging from most feedback many are willing to overlook these in favour of all the extra goodies, which is perfectly okay if that’s your choice and I have merely pointed out the issues here for your information.

The kit does represent good value for money in including the two full hulls and two sets of track along with the bonus figures and will build into an attractive model of this late war vehicle.

Just a quick note on the boxart with the kit which shows the gun sitting too high in the vehicle, this is just the boxart mind you and I have added a brief construction page to show the sit of the gun in the hull as it really is in the kit.

The Sprues:

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Common Parts with updates

New Parts

Detail images
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