Pz.Kpfw.II Ausf.F
Cyberhobby/Dragon Kit #6263

1:35th Scale

Suspension units
The original Panzer II suspension units feature a one piece bell crank with leaf springs the same width as the bell crank.
There are also only 5 leaf springs extended past the last bracket and the upper roller extends the width of the leaf springs.
Note the line drawing below shows only three leaf springs past the last bracket but all photos I have seen show five.
Image courtesy Ground Power Magazine

On the Marder II and Wespe the leaf springs were strengthened by being wider and also
having seven springs extending past the last bracket.
The bell cranks are is two parts with the upper section widened for the new leaf springs which
results in a distinct step on the bell crank while the roller is still the original width meaning it leaves a
distinct gap between it and the edge of the wider leave springs.
Images courtesy Armor PhotoGallery #9 Marder II
Kit suspension units
As mentioned these are the same for both the Panzer II and the Marder II kits but have features of both suspension types.
The bell crank and the leaf springs are the Marder II widened type but there is only five
leaf springs extending past the last bracket and the roller extends to the edge of the springs.
What this basically means is the upper rollers are too wide for both kits, the bell crank and leaf spring width in correct
for the Marder II but not the Panzer II while the number of leaf springs past the last bracket is correct
for the Panzer II but not for the Marder II. Hope that's not too confusing.
To make accurate Panzer II units you will have the reduce the width of the springs and the upper roller and also
fill the join between the two bell crank parts to depict the one piece unit.
For accurate Marder II units you will have to reduce the width of the upper roller and add two additional leave springs
but just fixing the roller width would make the adjustments for the Marder II a little easier than for the Panzer II.

Of course if you are not concerned with this then none of the above means anything, it's up to you?

Thanks to those who have sent me additional images and information on the suspension units, much appreciated
as I'm sure others wanting accurate info will be also.

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