M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage
Dragon Kit #6381

1:35th Scale
Bogie unit detail images
Bogie parts
Note direction of bogie wheel arms as this is not indicated in the instructions.
The raised central section should face the top

Updates added to bogies
1. A hole with raised lip should be added on both sides of the main bogie housing.
I added these by drilling a small hole and adding the lip from thin wire.
2. Four hex bolts added to return roller supports.
3. Four small rivets added to front of bogie arms.
Also note that on some bogie housing covers there are casting numbers in different locations.
4. Oval cut-out in bogie housing to be added as per image below.

Image showing the later bogie detail seen on the actual M16 GMC
which is missing from the kit, most notably the large oval cut-out
If you are the copyright owner of this pic, please contact me
and I will add the appropriate acknowledgement, thank you.

Simplified spring units could do with the end mountings reworked
Images of actual springs courtesy of Toadman's M2 Halftrack Photo CD

Exhaust bracket added from thin card,
This image is from the initial M2A1 kit where I had filled in the idler spring mount for the early
Tunisian Half-track but all M16s had the later spring units included in the kit.

Real images courtesy of Toadman's M2 Halftrack Photo CD

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