Chars B1bis
Markings for 37ème BCC tanks

Decal Sheet No. ALT352004
Review by Terry Ashley

This is the first sheet covering the French Chars B1 bis markings from Echelon, and is designed for the recent Tamiya French Battle Tank B1 bis (kit #35282) with markings for eight specific vehicles from 37ème BCC plus additional generic markings.

The sheet is printed by Microscale with excellent colour register and very thin carrier film cropped close to the printed image that should react well with any decal setting solution to help reduce silvering after application.

The 37ème BCC tanks carried the St Chamond camoflage scheme of green with brown patterns with markings in white, red and blue which are not as elaborate as some of the schemes on the FCM and Renault produced tanks but still makes for some good looking finishes.

Markings include the large white markings and three digit registration numbers as well as the section geometric symbols in white red or blue plus the vehicle names carried on the turrets.

The full colour instruction sheet is a feature of Echelon decals and this sheet is no exception with each vehicle getting a large side view showing the camouflage scheme and decal placement for each vehicle.

Also included is a list of 3 notable references available to provide additional info on the sheet markings.

The vehicles included on the sheet are:

  1. "BEARN II", 401 - Chef de cie, Cie d'échelon.
  2. "VERDUN II", 452 - Chef de cie, 1ère cie.
  3. "CHER", 330 - 1ère section, 1ère cie.
  4. "MARNE", 332 - 3ème section, 1ère cie.
  5. "VAR", 323 - 3ème section, 2ère cie.
  6. "GUEPRATTE", 438 - 1ère section, 3ème cie.
  7. "NANCY II", 448 - 3ème section, 3ème cie.
  8. "VENDEE II" 468 - 3ème section, 3ème cie.

Overall this is another well-produced set from Echelon. It offers a wide selection of markings for 37ème BCC tanks to add some interesting schemes to the Tamiya kit.

Highly recommended

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Hommes et Matériels du 15e BCC CHARS B AU COMBAT
Histoire & Collections
ISBN 2-913903-42-8
B1-B1 bis-B1 ter

Trackstory No.3
ISBN 2-9520988-4-4

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