Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger II Ausf.B
Tanks of sSSAbt 101(501)
Decal Sheet No. AXT35101
Review by Terry Ashley

Echelon Fine Details have released the first in a new series on the Tiger II Ausf.B with this sheet providing markings for eight tanks of sSSAbt 101(501)

The decal sheet is again printed by Microscale and is of excellent quality with clear well printed markings with good colour register and very thin carrier film that is cropped close to the edge of the printed image that should react well with any decal setting solution.

As mentioned the sheet has markings for eight vehicles which include the turret numbers, unit insignia and a balkenkreuz as well as a selection of generic turret numbers for 2nd and 3rd Company vehicles with additional unit emblems in two sizes so you can basically make any vehicle from these units.

The full colour instruction sheet is a feature of Echelon decals and include three view illustrations of all eight vehicles to clearly show the decal placement as well as giving information on the camouflage scheme each was finished in.

The vehicles included on the sheet are:


Another well researched and present decal sheet with plenety of choices for the finish of your model and the painting guides will be of valuable assistance.

Highly recommended

Thanks to Larry of Echelon Fine Details for the review sample.

Page created 5 June 2005

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