Operation Iraqi Freedom

Operation Catalyst 2003
Echelon Fine Details Decal Sheet No. T35011
Review by Terry Ashley

This decal sheet from Echelon Fine Details continues the OIF theme with markings for 3 specific vehicles and stencil data for 4 builds, 2 USMC LAV-25 and 2 ASLAVs.

The ASLAV (Australian Light Armoured Vehicle) is the Australian Army version of the US LAV-25 but actually based on the Canadian Bison with numerous updates and detail differences including the wider aggressive tread pattern Michelin XML tyres with Operation Catalyst being Australia's contribution to OIF.

The decal sheet is again printed by Microscale and is of excellent quality with clear well printed markings with good colour register and very thin carrier film that is cropped close to the edge of the printed image that should react well with any decal setting solution.

The vehicle markings include the unit insignia, vehicle registration numbers plus for the ASLAV the large red kangaroo markings and large Australian Flag carried on the aerials of some vehicles to clearly indicate they are Australian vehicles. There is again a large selection of stencil data in both Black and Green as well as the specific ASLAV data such as the rear door "CAUTION LEFT HAND DRIVE" markings. There is also Sand and Black chevrons to use on NATO or Sand painted USMC LAV-25s to give further choices in the final finish.

The full colour instruction sheet is again included illustrations with 3 and 4 view illustrations to clearly show the decal placement as well as giving good information of the painting schemes carried on the USMC and ADF Vehicles.
The cam schemes for the LAV-25 include the standard NATO and overall Sand finish while the three colour Sand/Black/Green scheme for the ASLAV but no information is given on the colours to be used for these schemes.

The vehicles included on the sheet are:


The obvious choice of kit for these decals would be the recent Trumpeter LAV-25 (kit #00349) with any of the available etched update sets or wheels sets and for the ASLAV you will need the Michelin XML tyres from either Hobby Fan (set #HF 804) or Maple Leaf Models (set #MLM1001) and their is an ASLAV-25 Phase 3 update set available from Sentinal/Mouse House but I have not seen this set to comment on the contents.

See the LAV Subjects page for other update sets available.

Another very comprehensive decal sheet for the LAV-25/ASLAV from Iraq 2003 with the large varied selection of stencil data allowing additional vehicles to be modelled.

Highly recommended

Thanks to Larry of Echelon Fine Details for the review sample.

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