T-34-76 76.2mm barrel

1/16 No.SP09
Review by Terry Ashley


Finemolds take the door prize for being the first cab of the rank with an update set for the Trumpeter T-34-76 kits (Kit No.00903 T-34-76 Mod 1943 and No. 00905 T-34-76 Mod 1942) in the form of an aluminium replacement barrel.

The barrel is a single piece with a smooth finish and the small lip at the muzzle as well as rifling to a depth of 10mm. There is some excess metal to be cleaned out where the rifling ends inside the barrel but this is easily removed with a fine needle point file and while the rifling is parallel with barrel length this is not really that noticeable.

The barrel simply replaces the kit plastic barrel halves (parts S38, S44) and elevates the need to clean up the usual join seam in the plastic parts and being aluminium is not much heavier then the kit barrel so won't cause any problems in that regard.

The barrel fits precisely into the kit gun halves (S37, S43) with out modification and will only need a small amount of cyanoacrylate or two part epoxy to hold in place.

Attaching the barrel to the Trumpeter gun
Barrel rifling

This is the simplest of updates that will add some nice detail definition for the gun and is sure to the first of numerous updates for the Trumpeter T-34s.

Thanks again to the guys at Rainbow Ten for their excellent service.

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