2cm FlaK38 2cm FlaK38 magazines &
ammo boxes

1:35 comparison
by Terry Ashley

This is a quick comparison of the 2cm Flak38 magazines and ammo boxes available from ABER, Griffon Model, Lion Roar and Voyager Model which sees the layour of the parts and assemply very similar with each but I guess there is only one way of breaking down the parts for the magazines effectively. But all four are not the same size with variations in height and width but any difference is less than 1mm and so not really an issue unless you mix the magazines.

The actual measurements of the 20mm FlaK magazine taken from a real magazine by Chris "Toadman" Hughes and Stephane Arquille shows the height at the tallest point is 345mm and the width is 210mm and this equates to 9.85mm and 6mm respectively in 1:35 scale.

The ABER magazine measures 10mm high and 6.5mm wide, the Griffon Model magazine 10.5mm high and 6mm wide, the Lion Roar magazine 10.5mm high and 6.0mm wide and the Voyager magazine at 10.6mm high and 6.0mm wide which means all have minor discrepancies but under 1mm as mentioned.

Magazine case comparison with ABER (left), Lion Roar, Voyager and Griffon Model (right)
Magazine case comparison with Griffon Model (left), ABER, Voyager, Lion Roar,
Dragon, Tristar and Royal Models (right)

Lion Roar

Ammo Boxes:
The actual measurements of the 40 round (2 x 20 round magazine) box is height 380mm (in 1:35 10.85mm), width 260mm (in 1:35 7.45mm), depth 130mm (in 1:35 3.75mm) and the height from the bottom to the box lid join is 315mm (in 1:35 9mm).
Comparing the ammo boxes there are difference in overall sizes between all four boxes with the height being to most troublesome but most other discrepancies are below 1mm and again probably wouldn't be much of an issue unless mixing the boxes in the one scene.

Ammo box comparison with the ABER (Left) Lion Roar, Voyager and Griffon Model (right)
Lion Roar
Comparison of ammo box sizes against the real box dimensions (red outline)
showing small variations on all etched boxes.

2cm flak
Thanks to Stephane ARQUILLE for the images and dimensions of the real boxes

20mm cartridges:
The differences in shell sizes between the armorscale, Griffon Model, Lion Roar, Mission and Voyager items see the differences within 1mm for all again making the differences minimal and would only be an issue if mixing the items. The new Griffon Model cartridges have the most pronounced ridge around the lower rim.

Comparison of 20mm cartridges and shells from armorscale, Griffon Model, Lion Roar,
Mission Models and Voyager.

Lion Roar

All sets as mentioned assemble in a similar manner and produce very nicely detailed magazines and ammo boxes with the differences in sizes being under 1mm are probably of no real consequences unless mixing the items in the same diorama or model.

It's difficult to recommend one over the other given the minor size differences and basically your choice would probably be based on availability and price and if you want to go to the trouble of assembling the boxes in particular as the chances for disasters is fairly high if you are not experienced working with etched parts.

The magazines do look very good and are better than any available in plastic or resin being completely hollow but again the end result depends very much on the assembly process.

For full details and assembly of each set see the individual rset reviews:
ABER: 35A89 Magazines and Ammo Boxes for 20mm FlaK 30/38
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Voyager Model: AP067 20mm FlaK 30/38 Magazines & Ammo Boxes

FlaK382cm FlaK38
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