M3 Lee Solid Stamped Road Wheels
w/Idlers and spare

1:35 #F068
Review by Terry Ashley


This is a simple update from Formations for the later Solid Stamped Road wheels for the M3 Lee which consists of 15 road wheels, one spare road wheel and two solid stamped idler wheels.

The parts are cast in the usual light cream resin from Formations with just the usual casting blocks to be removed and a bit of thin resin film from inside the opening in the open spoke idler wheels.

The detail on the solid stamped road wheels is excellent with the dish contours captured well and included the two grease plugs as well as the small 12 small rivets on the inside of the rims which are very cleanly defined.

After the road wheels are cleaned up there is a bit of the casting scar but if you are careful during cleanup this is kept to a minimum and you can position any blemish as ground contact to keep out of sight.

The detail on the open spoke idlers is equally well defined with minimal cleanup required as is the spare road wheel with securing bracket detail included on the hub.

The fit the new wheels to the Academy kit bogies you only need drill a 2mm hole through the road wheels and fit in place of the kit wheels, all very simple. The kit suspension arms can also be used with any available bogie update set such as that from Formations (set #F069) to address the kit bogie size issue.

A very simple and nicely cast and detailed set of later solid stamped road wheels to use on the Academy or Tamiya M3 Lee kits with minimal cleanup and assembly required.

Highly recommended
Resin parts
Assembled bogie using the Formations Wheels and bogie units

Check the Formations website for details of other update sets available and thanks to Rob for the review sample.

Page created November 29, 2006

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