Russian Voroshilovetz tractor
Friulmodel 1:35 Scale Track Set No. ATL-108
Review by Terry Ashley

Friulmodel continue to release useful track sets with this set designed for the Trumpeter kit of Russian Voroshilovetz tractor (kit # 01573) to replace the rather basic kit tracks.

The set consists of 145 white metal links and the usual coil of wire to cut up for the track pins.

Metal parts

Each track link is cast with very well done link details that includes the two open holes in each link, the four "teeth" and the large drive tooth all done with only very minor cleanup of a couple of small pour burs. Dimensionally the links match available data and 1:35 plans very well with the actual links being 428mm wide (12.2mm in 1:35 scale) with the metal links being 12.2mm wide give or take a fraction of a millimetre.

The track pin holes are mostly open but you will need to use a 0.5mm drill bit to check all are clear of any obstruction and again only a small portion of the links required actual re-drilling of some holes, you should set the drill bit into your pin vice with only 11.5mm of the drill bit exposed so you don't drill all the way through the links

Images showing the basic links prior to cleanup (left) and setting the drill bit length for drilling the pin holes (right)
Fruilmodel Fruilmodel

After cleanup of the links and cutting of the 11.5mm track pins from the wire supplied, this is best done using a steel ruler as a cutting board so you cut (using a #11 blade) each pin to the exact 9mm required the links can be assembled.

This is very straightforward really by fitting one link into the next and inserting the wire pin, occasionally the links may not align exactly and you can simply re-drill with the two links together the properly align the pin holes. The drill bit in this instance tends to align the link hole rather than drill new holes so the fit will still be good.

After fitting each track pin secure with a dab of thick cyanoacrylate on the end of the pin so it won't come loose at any time while handing the track runs, repeat the sequence for each of the 69 links required for each track run with the assembled track runs being extremely robust and articulate freely.


Track fitting to the kit:
Fitting the metal track to the Trumpeter kit is very easy as the fit around the drive sprocket and idler is perfect not requiring any alterations but as there is not a lot of track sag evident in the tractor you may have to adjust the position of the idler, but test fitting will determine this?


This set of metal tracks from Friulmodel for the Voroshilovetz tractor are nicely detailed with good track link definition with just the usual cleanup required for the links prior to assembly.

The assembled links are robust and articulate very well and the marked increase is detail achieved by the use of these tracks gives a whole new look to the kit and quite frankly I would suggest these tracks are an essential update for the kit if there ever was one.

Rating 9.5/10

Tankograd Tyagatshi
Soviet Full-Tracked Artillery Tractors of World War 2 in Red Army and Wehrmacht Service

Tankograd Publishing
ISBN: 3-936519-02-1

Thanks to Friulmodel for the review Set.

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