Warrior MCV Track Links
Friulmodel 1:35 Set No. ATL-82
Review by Terry Ashley


This set of metal tracks is for the British Warrior MCV and is obviously designed for the Academy Warrior kits (#1365, #13201) but could also be used on the resin Accurate Armour Warrior kits if desired.

The box contains 204 handed metal track links in two plastic bags plus a length of wire for the track pins and small cast pin bolts to add to the links after fitting together. Minimal cleanup is required with just one small pour burr to be cut off but each link will need the pin holes drilled through to fully open these up ensuring you don’t drill all the way though damaging the opposite pin bolt included on the link.

Metal track links and pin wire

This is best done by inserting the appropriate sized drill bit in your pin vice the exact depth required so when you drill the link will butt against the end of the pin vice stopping it going through the end, this way you can happily and quickly drill out the pin holes without worrying about going right through.

Track pins cut to length and the links showing the very minimal cleanup needed
Set drill bit depth in pin vise to safely drill through the link

Detail on the links is very good with well defined end pin, track pad and the two inside pad retaining bolt heads. The only minor issue is the guide teeth lack the small indentation on the side of the teeth but this may not be that noticeable on the final kit. The depth of the track links represent the real links nicely and are far better than the undersized Academy kit vinyl tracks.

After cutting the wire into 10mm pin lengths assembly is quick and easy but you must ensure the track pin is inserted deep enough to leave the locating hole free for the separate end pin.

One issue here is that while there are 200 track links you only get 100 pin bolts meaning half the links are without an end pin. As the top track run is hidden behind the side skirts/armour you could leave the bolts off these links leaving just enough for the visible track links.

After fitting the links together you then attach the pin bolts with a small dab of cyanoacrylate with the bolts fitting neatly into the locating hole providing your track pin is not protruding into the hole as mentioned above.

Details of the links showing the pin inserted leaving the bolt locating hole free for the separate pin bolt

The assembled track runs articulate freely and fit snugly around the Academy kit drive sprockets as they do with the Accurate Armour cast metal drive sprockets.

But this articulation is sort of negated as there is no track sag on the Warrior tracks even if you can see the top track run but it does allow them to sit very naturally around the drive sprockets and idler wheels with better represented track depth.

Assembled tracks around the Academy drive sprocket with view of actual track links
showing the good representation of the link depth on the metal tracks.

Real guide teeth details
Real track images courtesy Dan Hay

A very nicely detailed track set for all Warrior variants and while there is not track sag required the details such as the link depth is far better represented than on the Academy kit tracks to give a more realistic finish to your kit.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to my Credit Card and the excellent service from Rainbow Ten for the review set.

Page Created March 4, 2006

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