Comet Track Links
Friulmodel 1:35 Set No. ATL-90
Review by Terry Ashley

This set of metal tracks from Friulmodel is designed for the Bronco Models Comet (kit #CB35010) but could also be used with the Accurate Armour Comet kit if required.

The box contains 220 metal track links in two plastic bags plus a length of wire for the track pins with minimal cleanup required with just one small pour burr to be cut off each link and unlike other Friulmodel track sets there was no need to drill out the the pin holes as they were open enough to assemble the links.

Metal track links and wire to make the track pins

Detail on the links is very good with well defined track pin on one end and the wire pin hole on the other with nice cast details on the link faces and includes the bevel on the top of the guide tooth. While the links are in two bags they are not handed meaning on the left side the cast track pin head will face the outside but on the right side the wire pin hole will face the outside for a slightly reduced detail level. This may not be that obvious on the finished model but it would have been nice not to worry about this.

After cutting the wire into lengths assembly is quick and easy but you will need to add a small dab of cyanoacrylate in the locating hole to ensure the pin will not go nowhere.

Close-up of metal track links with pins cut to length and the assembly sequence

The assembled track runs articulate freely which allows the subtle track sag between the return rollers on the Comet tracks and also allows the tracks runs to fit easily around the drive sprockets and idler wheels.

View of assembled tracks showing the end pins

The instructions indicate the trim 0.4mm from the inside of one sprocket half to fit the links but I found this to be unnecessary as the assembled track run fitted snugly to the kit sprockets without any alterations.
You will need to reduce the thickness of the return roller axle between the inner and outer roller to allow the correct depth guide tooth to fit correctly but this shouldn't be a problem?

Assembled track links around the Bronco Comet sprockets


Another nice set of metal tracks from Friulmodel and while the links have good details they are not as crisp of some plastic or resin links but this will probably not be an issue with track links.

Assembly is very straightforward without the need to drill out the pin holes as with most Friulmodel links and the track runs fit neatly around the Bronco drive sprocket despite what the instructions say for those who prefer the heavy feel of metal tracks.

Highly recommended 8/10

Thanks to my Credit Card and Blast Models for the review set.

Page created May 12, 2007