The Armory by Gauntlett
Sherman Detail Set
1/35 Set #AG103
Review by Terry Ashley
This set contains 82 resin parts many of which are very small requiring care when removing from the casting blocks and when fitting to the target kit.

While not mentioned the set is primarily aimed at the initial Tamiya M4A3 kit (35122) but could be used on the newer kits (35250,35251) or any other late model Sherman.

For the suspension bogies there are new track guides which include the bolt heads missing from the Tamiya kits as well as the three bolt heads for the bottom of each bogie another notable omission from the Tamiya kits. One of the track guides had a couple of sizable air holes that will need filling but I only mention this as it was very unusual to find these with the rest of the parts being blemish free.

For the rear full there are new spare track racks and six track links all with excellent details including the small wing nuts to hols the track retaining plate in place.

The other larger parts are a new pistol port for the turret side with separate door if you want to show this open. To new port comes with a small surround of turret wall and to fit this you will need to cut a section out of the Tamiya turret to accept the new part, after using the resin part as a stencil and marking the size of the area to be removed, cut well inside the marked area and then trim small parts in conjunction with many test fittings to get a good snug fit.

The remainder of the parts are for many of the small fittings on the turret roof and around the hull and include the .50cal rack on the rear of the turret, head lights and taillights, the steel rope clips on the hull top complete with securing wing nuts.

A small instruction sheets shows you where the resin parts go but most are self explanatory anyway to anyone with knowledge of Shermans.

A very nice detail set for later Shermans with many fine parts to add definition to the kit details.

The resin parts
The Armory by Gauntlett

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