The Armory by Gauntlett
Tiger I Detail Set
1/35 Set #AG123
Review by Terry Ashley
This general detail set for Tiger Is comprises 60 very finely cast parts that despite being very small are all cleanly cast without any blemishes with only one small part broken in the pack which is very good considering the number of small parts.

There is some minor resin film to be removed from the insides of the clips and this is probably best done before the parts are removed from the casting blocks for ease of handling.

Most of these parts are often included on etched update sets these days but the fully 3D of the resin parts looks more realistic than the flat 2D of etched parts yet they still show good scale size. Included are all the cable clamps and holders along the hull side and rear engine deck plus the jack and barrel cleaning rod claps with many small wing nuts to add to the clamps and clips.

This set will add many fine details to your Tigers and as mentioned all in 3D.

The instruction sheet has three plans views of a Tiger showing the placement of the parts as well as a layout of the resin parts for easy identification which should make using the parts quite easy.

The resin parts
The Armory by Gauntlett

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